Author: Bruce Gould



Bruce E. Gould, MD, professor and associate dean for primary care at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, is an advocate for public health, primary care, and preventive medicine. He serves as director of the Connecticut Area Health Education Center Program and medical director of both the Hartford Department of Health and Human Services and Connecticut Community Health Center Association Practice Transformation Network/Transforming Clinical Practices Initiative. A primary care general internist, Dr. Gould is also the founder of and adviser to the Mobile Free Migrant Farm Workers Clinic, which has served Connecticut’s migrant farm worker population since 1998.

Dr. Gould is involved in the development and delivery of the medical school’s quality improvement and patient safety curriculum, as well as its nutrition curriculum. He helped establish UConn’s Urban Service Track, a special mentorship program designed to produce health professionals committed to serving Connecticut’s underserved urban populations. For nearly three decades, he served as medical director of the Burgdorf Health Center in the North End of Hartford.

He received his BS from Cornell University and his MD from SUNY Upstate Medical Center.