Author: Jeana H. Frost



The work of Jeana H. Frost, PhD, spans the fields of informatics, behavioral psychology, and design, and is grounded in her doctoral training at the MIT Media Lab and postdoctoral training in behavioral informatics. During her graduate work, foreshadowing the social web, Dr. Frost developed online tools for people with diabetes to record and share behavioral and outcome data. Dr. Frost has served as a member of Intel’s Proactive health group, where she worked on systems to rebuild social networks and garner social support for healthy elders relocated to retirement communities. As a National Library of Medicine (NLM) fellow, she worked with interdisciplinary teams to develop appropriate technologies to support behavior change. Her commitment to patient-centered design and participatory medicine solidified while working at PatientsLikeMe where as a senior researcher, she led design research efforts, developed new functionality for the communities and analyzed patient use of the tools.

Dr. Frost’s work on patient engagement and online social interaction has been published across academic disciplines and featured in the 2007 New York Times “Year in Ideas,” Scientific American, and Harvard Working Knowledge. She has recently moved to Amsterdam and is a senior designer at Mediamatic Lab.