Author: Karen Shashok



Karen Shashok is a translator and editorial consultant. She is currently the Co-Coordinator of AuthorAID in the Eastern Mediterranean. As a translator, author’s editor and technical editor she has worked with researchers and editors whose first language is not English, and have followed developments in peer review and journal publishing closely. Like many native English speakers who work with non-native speakers, Shashok realized that in the research publication game the playing field for the latter is not level, and so joined editorial professional development groups to better inform myself about manuscript review and editing. As the first author’s editor to become a member of the World Association of Medical Editors, she has tried to bring the perspective of researchers and editors from emerging and resource-limited research communities to the attention of western, English-speaking gatekeepers and experts in research ethics. Through Mediterranean Editors and Translators and AuthorAID in the Eastern Mediterranean, Shashok has contributed to the professional development and training of translators, author’s editors, researchers and journal editors. Her writings about translation quality, author’s editing, peer review and research publication ethics have appeared in journals and email lists read by editors as well as in BMJ, Medscape General Medicine and BMC Medical Research Methodology, and recently attracted the attention of experts in written communication and linguistic ethnography.