Author: Rebecca Schnall



Rebecca Schnall’s program of research focuses on informatics strategies for persons from underserved communities, namely persons living with and at risk for HIV. She has served as the PI, Co-I, consultant and project coordinator on federally funded HIV research studies. She has led or co-authored >50 publications in HIV and informatics research. Her seminal research contributions focus on the development and use of health information technology for persons at risk for or living with HIV as a strategy for prevention, improving care quality, and reducing health disparities. Through her federally-funded program of research (AHRQ, NCATS, NINR, CDC), she has conducted research on the use of an electronic reminder for HIV screening in the Emergency Department that provided significant insights to policy makers and clinicians, demonstrated the usefulness of a web-based tool for improving symptom status, and led studies that provided the foundation for CDC’s development of mobile applications for HIV prevention and care.