Vol. 9, 2017


Editorials, Vol. 9, 2017

Our Field Advances: Participatory Health Research Library Project to Begin

The best possible future for the medical professions must necessarily include the contributions of activated, engaged patients. The new Society for Participatory Medicine-Weill Cornell Participatory Health Research Library will strengthen the field of participatory medicine by providing ready access to literature supporting our initiatives.

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Perspective, Narratives, Vol. 9, 2017

A Framework for Designing Digital Health Tools with Empathy

Empathy is a fundamental principle of medicine, yet it is often overlooked in the design of digital health tools. This omission may undermine the main purpose of these tools — to engage patients in order to improve outcomes. The author offers a straightforward way to effectively incorporate empathy into the design of patient-facing digital health tools.

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Case Studies, Evidence, Vol. 9, 2017

Electronic Screening to Increase Identification of Risk: Lessons Learned in the Implementation of an mHealth Risk Assessment Strategy in an Urban Primary Care Environment

Urban, underserved populations experience significant disparities in the screening, prevention, and treatment of chronic disease. Electronic risk screening provides one method of eliminating disparities in the identification of risks, while limiting the burden on providers. This paper reviews the process, success, and challenges of implementing a tablet-based, electronic risk screening pilot study.

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Research, Evidence, Vol. 9, 2017

Use of Conjoint Analysis to Determine Patient Preferences for Surgical Treatment of Urethral Stricture Disease

Consideration of patient preference is especially important in making treatment choices concerning urethral stricture, which has no definitive treatment guidelines favoring endoscopic incision or open reconstruction. This is the first study to assess factors that patients value when choosing a treatment option for urethral stricture.

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